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Dynamic Imaging Announces CorreTrak Inmate Tracking Solution

by Dynamic Imaging Systems June 26, 2014

Dynamic Imaging Systems is proud to announce CorreTrak, an Inmate Tracking solution designed to improve Corrections operations and productivity, through the use of rugged, mobile devices, which scan and collect vital inmate data.

“We are thrilled to release our latest product, CorreTrak,” said Linda Holmes, President of Dynamic Imaging Systems.  “With several apps available at launch and more in the pipeline, we are excited for our customers to begin benefiting from greater efficiencies and capabilities in their facilities.”

Specifically designed for correctional agencies, CorreTrak is easy to use, incorporating mobile devices with high-speed barcode scanning capability and an intuitive touch-screen application interface. By scanning barcodes from inmate wristbands or ID cards, CorreTrak collects vital data, like, inmate locations, head count, cell check observations, program attendance, and more. All scan transactions are submitted in real-time and stored electronically on a central server.  Data, such as, scan date, scan time, booking number, location, device name or even officer ID, can be searched to build sophisticated reports for auditing and compliance requirements.

Best of all, CorreTrak will support integration with many existing Jail Management systems, to automatically download and upload important facility and inmate data, including mugshots., bookings, housing assignments, alerts and facility locations.  Data captured in the CorreTrak mobile applications are synchronized with the Jail Management system, using modern Wi-Fi technology (802.11b/g/n) or traditional, wired Ethernet.  Network-based docking stations do not require a PC and can be used for data synchronization with the servers, either in place of WiFi or where WiFi signals are degraded. CorreTrak’s leverage of wired and wireless technology makes the application versatile throughout the entire facility, while providing critical, real-time inmate tracking data within various Jail Management modules. 

CorreTrak is available now and includes the following apps at launch:

Positively identify inmates using barcodes on their wristband or ID cards. View custom inmate cards with their mugshot photo, booking information and potential alerts. Record inmate program and class attendance using inmate barcodes. View scanned inmates in an intuitive touchscreen list that synchronizes with the agency jail system.
Record locations of inmates as they move around your facility. The inmate location is synchronized with the agency jail system. Record an inmate’s observed activities or demeanor, while performing cell checks. Recorded data is synchronized with the agency jail system for accountability and compliance reporting requirements.
Perform head counts using inmate barcodes or manually enter head counts using the touchscreen and keypad. Counts are stored locally and synchronized with the agency jail system.


To learn more about CorreTrak, or to request a free demonstration, please contact Sales at 856-988-1545 or via email at sales@dynamicimaging.com.  To receive the latest CorreTrak news and updates sign up for our newsletter by clicking here.

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