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Dynamic Imaging Announces Summer Release of PictureLink and PositiveID+

by Dynamic Imaging Systems July 18, 2012

Today we are excited to announce updated versions of PictureLink and PositiveID+ for immediate release to our customers.  This release is the culmination of six months of development and testing to further position our Mugshot Imaging and Biometrics solutions offerings to better meet the needs of the law enforcement community.

Significant developments were made to our service-oriented architecture that will serve as the platform for future enhancements in current and future solutions.  This includes expanded functionality for our extensions framework, new shared web services and centralized configuration for all applications.  In addition, many of our most popular modules have been completely re-written with modernized user interfaces and increased performance.  This further positions our law enforcement solutions to be more easily deployed by administrators and adopted by our end users.


PictureLink enhancements

New photo imaging module

  • Up to 4x faster when using Auto Capture to locate and crop mugshots to NIST standards.
  • Supports web based capture using PictureLink Web Edition
  • Updated user interface

Enhanced administration

  • Improved interface for users, rights, roles and host management
  • Remote license installation
  • Remote machine level settings management

PositiveID+ enhancements

  • Supports new dual fingerprint reader
  • New fingerprint and face PDF reports
  • Advanced filtering for facial recognition results

To learn more about our latest release, or to request a free demonstration, please contact Client Services at 856-988-1545.

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