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Dynamic Imaging Releases PictureLink Web Edition

by Dynamic Imaging Systems March 21, 2011

Today we are excited to announce the release of PictureLink Web Edition.

PictureLink Web Edition includes most of the same advanced features found in our desktop client, like, sophisticated forms output, investigative lineups, advanced search tools and quick access to high quality mugshot images captured by the PictureLink Mugshot System. As future releases of PictureLink Web Edition emerge, the product will encompass more functionality than both the desktop version of PictureLink and the PictureLink.Net web application.

PictureLink Web Edition is a true browser based solution that requires no additional software installation to be installed on client workstations and runs in a variety of web browsers. A single installation of PictureLink Web Edition on an agency server makes the application available to all authorized users, reducing the amount of time IT must spend installing software on client workstations. PictureLink Web Edition further aligns our product offerings with our current service-oriented architecture and provides application software that is both easily deployed by administrators and adopted by end users.

Features at a glance:

  • Supports all major web browsers (IE 7+, Firefox 3.5+, Chrome)
  • Print forms online or save as a PDF
  • Customizable quick search field makes finding records easy
  • Create, modify and delete records all from the browser
  • Speed & usability improvements for photo lineups
  • Dark theme for mobile patrol car use
  • Perform facial recognition searches from the web (PositiveID+ required)

PictureLink Web Edition is an upgrade to PictureLink Display and PictureLink.NET licensing. Contact Client Services at 856-988-1545 to learn more about PictureLink Web Edition and how to upgrade, or to request a free web demonstration.


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