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Lakewood Implements PositiveID+ Biometrics with Smart Phone Facial Recognition

by Dynamic Imaging Systems April 30, 2011

Dynamic Imaging Systems is proud to announce that the Lakewood Township Police Department, Lakewood, NJ has purchased and implemented the PositiveID+ biometrics application for use in its booking/intake area as well as for mobile identification from department issued Smart Phones.

The Police Department was seeking an improved way to help identify subjects brought into the facility to prevent misidentification, speed up the booking process and ensure records were booked under the proper name.  The agency currently uses Dynamic Imaging Systems PictureLink Mugshot System and decided that the addition of PositiveID+ for law enforcement facial recognition identification was a natural compliment to their existing system.  The ease and compatibility of adding the new biometrics application was a deciding factor in selecting PositiveID+.

PositiveID+ also extends law enforcement facial recognition identification beyond the booking area to Investigative and Patrol staff.  Identification of subjects can be performed even before they are brought into the facility using police department issued smart phones or digital cameras plugged into MDT laptops.  These searches are run against the agency’s mugshot image repository to aid in finding a potential suspect for a case or identifying uncooperative subjects in the field.

Lakewood Township Police Department’s existing PictureLink Mugshot images were enrolled into the PositiveID+ database during implementation and new face images are automatically enrolled during the image capture process.  Dynamic Imaging Systems has also set up an interface between the agency’s Sagem Morpho Livescan and the PositiveID+ database. Fingerprints captured on the Livescan are enrolled into the database for law enforcement fingerprint identification and archived to Dynamic Imaging Systems Law Enforcement Fingerprint Storage application, NIST Repository.


To learn more about our law enforcement facial recognition and fingerprint identification product PositiveID+, please visit www.dynamicimaging.com/solutions/fingerprint-identificaiton or request a free web demonstration.


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