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Mohave County (AZ) Implements PositiveID+ Biometrics

by Dynamic Imaging Systems March 6, 2012


Dynamic Imaging Systems is proud to announce that the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office (AZ) has purchased and implemented the PositiveID+ biometrics application for use in the Jail, Sheriff’s Office and three remote substations.

The agency already uses Dynamic Imaging Systems’ PictureLink Mugshot System so adding PositiveID+ for identification purposes was a natural add on to their existing system.  The County jail is prepared to use PositiveID+ to reduce the chance of misidentification during booking as well as positive identification during the release process.

Mohave County Sheriff’s existing PictureLink mugshot images were enrolled into the PositiveID+ database during implementation giving the agency a considerable base of biometric templates available for facial recognition searches.  New faces captured during the booking process are automatically enrolled into the PositiveID+ database.  In addition, searches can be performed using multiple sources including their existing PictureLink mugshot system, digital cameras or from an imported image file.

Additionally, Dynamic Imaging Systems configured an interface between their Sagem Morpho Livescan machine and the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS).  Fingerprint files that are verified and validated by the DPS are sent back to the PositiveID+ system to be included in the PositiveID+ database.

To learn more PositiveID+ biometrics or to request a free demonstration, please contact sales@dynamicimaging.com or call 856-988-1545.


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